Declaração de Princípios

Before becoming the name of a school, Lumiar was a concept: a view on education and school whose main characteristic was to be different, bold, and innovative. In this view, a school does not need to look like a factory or worse, a prison: a serious place, even a sad and gloomy place, where regimented children in uniform practice, against their will, the difficult and even painful duty to learn.

When children are outside the school environment, they are active, restless, curious, inquisitive creatures, who touch things and snoop around – and this is why they literally like to learn. They want to understand how things are done or how they work and do not hesitate sometimes to take toys apart (or sometimes objects which would hardly resemble toys...) simply to understand how they were built or how they work. Lumiar Schools intend to offer this learning environment that works as a lever for this huge inborn capacity of learning that children display. This is how Lumiar Institute and Lumiar Schools were born.

R. Dom Aguirre, 438 - Jardim Marajoara - São Paulo/SP. CEP: 04671-903. Phone. (11) 3576.2100