Declaração de Princípios

Lumiar Schools DO NOT regard or define themselves as part of a movement of (another) school or educational reform. A reform is a change process which, generally speaking, attempts to change an institution either by increments (adding components, aspects or functions to it such as, for example, when one tries to introduce digital technology at school) or by means of replacement (replacing the present components of the school institution with others such as the curriculum, the methodology or the evaluation means/method or even the management style). Reforms, therefore, are usually incremental or partial – and they would hardly move beyond the current form of the institution – i.e., beyond the educational paradigm adopted by the school.   

Lumiar Schools regard and define themselves as part of a movement of school transformation. Transforming, in this case, means going beyond the current form, shifting the paradigm (without, however, losing its essential nature of a formal leaning environment). The paradigm shift takes place as they move towards systemic changes, that is, those which are not partial (impacting only one of the components of the school institution) and transforming, that is, they are not incremental (adding new components to a new structure which is not proper/adequate to absorb it or cannot do it.)

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